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What We Do

What GRPMAX™ Does, in One Sentence

GRPMAX is a polymath research, development, and solutions company able to apply decades of highly proprietary experience found nowhere else to solve problems, deliver solutions, and help you achive performance that no one else can.

What Does “Polymath” Mean?

Polymath is a combination of two Greek words: “poly,” which means “much,” and “math” which is the root of manthanein, which means “to learn.”

Polymath means having learned much or knowing much.

What Does GRPMAX Do?

Our motto is that “we make the ImPossible Possible™.” We solve problems and achieve results that others consider to be impossible.

That is made possible by quite literally having cracked the keys to life and having figured out the answers to life. Because that is understandably a big claim and a lot to contemplate, to greatly oversimplify, let’s reduce it to numbers: We can improve almost anything — personal, professional, or organizational — by at least 25%, and in some cases have enabled improvement by 99% or more.

Presentations, content, tools, and illustrations are available to prove and support these claims and capabilities, including one called “The Covington Conundrum™,” named after GRPMAX Founder Phil Covington. The conundrum being that the degree to which these innovations can benefit you is so great that it may well exceed your ability to comprehend and/or believe, even though it is true.

A Brief Background and History

For a little background and history you can read this page or any of the related pages available from the menu. Or, if you’re in a rush you may also be interested in our “Expertise” page that outlines some of the innovations and areas of expertise that GRPMAX specializes in.

For well over a decade it has been stated prominently (usually on the Homepage) that GRPMAX is often able to do what others often consider to be impossible.

Ironically, one of the things that even we found almost impossible to do, despite hiring some of the best and brightest minds in Michigan and in the country to assist us with the task, was to truly explain what we do and/or how we do it, concisely, in a way that makes sense to the average person.

The closest that we came was probably in the early 2000s when a local marketing and public relations firm helped us develop the corporate brochure and marketing materials for our award winning Results First™ program.

Results First was a suite of technologies and services, along with related marketing materials, so confident in the results that it could produce for clients that GRPMAX would agree to undertake the project entirely at our cost, produce the promised results first, and only then would the client be contractually obligated to pay. Because Results First was best suited for organizations with a minimum of $500m to $1b in yearly revenue this meant that taking on such a project GRPMAX could easily expend considerable resources, well into the six figures and beyond. This was and is in stark contrast to the way most such transactions take place today. And perhaps it was for that reason, along with the excellent print materials created for us by the marketing and public relations firm, that it won a nationwide marketing award.

Nonetheless, none of the above made it any easier for us to explain what we do, as, quite simply, we do things that no one else can.

Recently the thought occurred that rather than the voluminous amount of information that used to appear on the GRPMAX website, explaining GRPMAX technologies and services, perhaps the best way was right before us all the time, which is simply to emphasize that we specialize in making the ImPossible Possible.

It was always stated that if you can readily find someone to provide the solution you’re looking for, GRPMAX is probably not the right fit. But in recent years we’ve chosen to more strongly emphasize that point.

In short, if you’re a large organization with a minimum of $500m to $1b in yearly revenue and you are in need of a solution that everyone else is telling you can’t be done, then just possibly we might have something to talk about.

Especially in years past GRPMAX solutions have proven valuable to small businesses and organizations. However, because over the years our technologies, methods, and solutions have become optimized for large organizations, it would likely be cost prohibitive for a small organization.

Following is the legacy content that appeared on this page previously (soon to be updated)…

GRPMAX — A Proven Track Record

GRPMAX started in 1979 with its Founder providing specialized services to the manufacturing industry that lowered costs and automated procedures still being performed manually. The business was incorporated in 1989 as QNS Computer Services & Publishing and expanded to encompass computer training, books, and educational materials. The former company name and acronym, QNS (Quality in Service Corporation), exemplified the quest for quality.

The name GRPMAX, adopted in 1998 and standing for Golden Rule Principles Maximum Achievable Excellence™,” integrates the company’s expanded mission statement into the company name. GRPMAX is the consulting practice of Phillip A. Covington.


Phillip A. Covington, Chief Creative Officer and CEO, has provided computer-consulting services for over 15 years, usually as a secondary focus. Since the release of the Results First! Guaranteed™ program in 2001 GRPMAX is uniquely positioned to provide exclusive consulting services and technologies not available from any other company in the industry.

Technology Development And Licensing

Results First! Guaranteed draws heavily on Automated Task Replacement™ (ATR™) technology, the result of almost three decades of work in the field by CCO and CEO Phillip A. Covington, including over 15 years of providing innovative solutions and products to a large number of the Fortune 500, State and Federal Government, and major colleges and universities.

A new section of this site is planned in the future to showcase GRPMAX-developed technologies and initiatives.

Computer Book Publishing

Phillip A. Covington authored “Computers — The Plain English Guide,” the first intro-level computer book of its kind. The Plain English Guide reached all four corners of the globe within four months of release, and was the most popular book prior to the Dummies series. The 300-page book was published by QNS.

Long before eCommerce and QNS brought numerous innovations to the computer book-publishing field, including automated ordering, same-day shipping, and outrageously good customer service. QNS achieved a total return rate (including wholesalers and booksellers) of less than 2% in an industry that still sees 30% to 35% of all books returned to the publisher. The QNS focus on a quality product and exceptional customer service allowed QNS to achieve a virtually unparalleled track record of 100% of its customers being satisfied. Today “Plain English” is seen on numerous computer products, but it all started with The Plain English Guide! A new book series is forthcoming.