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TIIMS (Total Innovation and Intelligence Management System™)

TIIMS has broad-reaching applications, just one of which is that it is an incredibly versatile multidisciplinary Decision Support System (DSS)that can dramatically improve the performance of any system or process that is managed by people.

Two things distinguish TIIMS from all other systems

TIIMS was the first and is the only system that enables the effective management of white-collar workers via automated means. Managing workers is the single biggest challenge facing almost all organizations. Just as factory and manufacturing processes were automated to dramatically reduce errors and increase productivity TIIMS allows even the largest organizations to reduce white-collar errors by up to 50% or more, and to increase productivity, innovation, and knowledge capture and distribution.

How would your organization benefit if you were able to reduce the number of errors made by office workers (including technical, management, and executive level staff) by up to 50% or more, while increasing productivity and lowering costs by the same amount?

Just as robotics enabled manufacturing processes to be performed faster and more efficiently, TIIMS enables the supplementation or replacement of skilled, technical, and executive level workers to bring the same benefits of automation to the white-collar office environment.

How would your organization benefit if you were able to eliminate the need for many office jobs altogether while still getting the same amount of work done?

TIIMS is a proven and tested system that required more than 30 years to develop and perfect. It has been tested and proven in every conceivable application across a wide variety of organizational types, including many of the Fortune 500 and government. The TIIMS system is comprised of part methodology and part technology.