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TIIMS™ Is Like Having An Autopilot

One way of understanding the main, but not only, concept behind TIIMS is to view it in much the same way as you would an autopilot in an aircraft.

Pilots easily fall under the category of white-collar professionals. Pilots do not work on assembly lines, yet they do enjoy a high degree of automation.

Modern aircraft, especially commercial airliners and military aircraft, are in many cases equipped with enough technology to allow them to almost fly themselves. In fact, it is more correct to say that the pilot’s primary role during such flights is to oversee the computers, the autopilot, which in turn handles most of the mechanics of flying the aircraft. Naturally, human pilots are capable of performing many tasks that an autopilot cannot, including emergency situations. That said, however, much of today’s flight takes place in a hands-off mode of operation.

Using an autopilot as an analogy, TIIMS software works by assisting office workers with routine daily tasks as well as in the decision making process. In the same way that an autopilot is not a blue-collar or low-level technology, assisting first officers and airline captains at the height of the executive chain of command, so can TIIMS assist white-collar office workers with their daily job functions, even at the management and executive levels. TIIMS can in some cases eliminate the need for certain white-collar job functions, even at supervisory and management levels, by automating them entirely.