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The Benefits of TIIMS™

“Knowledge is power.” Everyone is familiar with this timeless phrase, and, especially in today’s “Information Age,” most agree that it’s true.

There is no shortage of companies that try to capitalize on the above phrase as they try to sell their products and services.

The difference here is that GRPMAX™ has a proven track record not just of delivering, but of delivering capabilities that far exceed the status quo. GRPMAX and Founder Phillip Covington have been doing the “impossible” for more than 30 years.

TIIMS enables you to have at your fingertips more knowledge, more information, and better decision-making capabilities faster than any other method or technology.

Below are a few of the key features of TIIMS:

  • Overcome the human limitations of your organization.

  • Reduce errors and lapses by up to 50% or more while increasing productivity and lowering costs by the same amount.

  • Increase CDE™ (Cross Discipline Effectiveness™). Not to be confused with cross training for different job responsibilities, CDE enables workers to function more effectively when working outside of their areas of expertise. As specialization continues on the upswing and it continues to be difficult to hire and maintain workers skilled in each field, CDE offers significant benefits to any organization.

  • Increase decision-making and operational speed, accuracy and effectiveness by up to 50% or more.

  • Assure that the well-proven 8020 Pareto Principle is implemented consistently throughout your organization, as opposed to less than 20% of the time as is typical within most organizations.

  • Assure that key information reaches everyone in the decision-making chain that it needs to.

  • Determine where your organization is being undermined by low literacy levels and compensate for it via TIIMS automation.

  • Help workers improve their logical and analytical reasoning as well as pattern recognition skills, and, for those who don’t, compensate via TIIMS automation.

  • Identify workers who are inadequately trained and show them where and how to improve, and, for those who don’t, compensate via TIIMS automation.

  • Make sure that initiatives from management and overall company policy are actually utilized, acted upon, and executed effectively.

  • Spot historical trends that can identify sources of potential trouble, or profit, in the future.

  • Have exactly the information you need to perfectly balance short-term and long-term planning and response.

  • Have exactly the information you need to know where to focus research and development efforts and how much to budget.

  • TIIMS is the only system that enables the effective automated management, supplementation, and/or replacement of white-collar workers and management within an office or professional environment.