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Mission / Vision


From the very beginning decades ago, through 1989 when I put the word “Quality” in the name of the company, to today, quality means much more here than just a word.

A great deal of thought went into the 1998-1999 transition to the name GRPMAX™ (Golden Rule Principles Maximum Achievable Excellence™), which integrates the company’s mission statement directly into its name. This, combined with the slogan, Uniquely Innovative Technology & Solutions™, clearly states my intention of remaining a cut above the rest in how I operate my business, in the quality of products that I provide, and in the level of service that I extend to customers and clients.

The age-old Golden Rule means that I operate my business with principles and integrity, and that I treat customers, clients, employees and vendors with the same level of respect and courtesy that I would like to receive in return.

Maximum Achievable Excellence means that in everything I do I go beyond mere “quality” to deliver the maximum level of excellence that can be achieved for the given situation. “Quality” often simply means “good enough.” At GRPMAX “Excellence” means that whether returning a phone call to you when promised, or adding value to products or services beyond what you expected and paid for, your expectations will be met or exceeded.



In a day and age when “innovation” largely means how fast one company can copy the products or services created by another, businesses are being left with fewer places to turn when they need innovative solutions to challenging or even routine problems.

From day-one the focus here has always been on creating unique and innovative solutions — no matter how challenging or difficult the problem.

Uniquely Innovative Technology & Solutions means that GRPMAX is committed to being a benchmark leader in developing new, unique, and innovative solutions to today’s technology problems.

If you’re tired of being told “it can’t be done,” or when you know there has to be a better way but no one has offered you the solution, contact GRPMAX. Not only am I confident that we’re up to the challenge, I guarantee it!


Phillip A. Covington
Chief Innovation Officer and CEO