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GRPMAX is a polymath research, development, and solutions company able to apply decades of highly proprietary experience found nowhere else to solve problems, deliver solutions, and help you achive performance that no one else can.

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Starting in Grand Rapids, MI where the first office was located, continuing to Jackson, MI, GRPMAX CIO and CEO Phillip A. Covington has a long track record of contributing to the local community.

Mr. Covington’s involvements have included assisting migrant farm workers, Native American Indians, inner-city and downtown revitalization, and contributing time and resources to a number of local schools and churches.

Contributing incrementally to the revitalization of downtown Jackson GRPMAX renovated two downtown offices, starting at the Jackson Small Business Development Center and Incubator and more extensively when we moved to larger offices and warehouse space on Mechanic Street in the Armory Court Building, next to the historic National Guard Armory. More recently a redevelopment project spearheaded by others, including the Enterprise Group of Jackson, aims to further transform the Armory buildings into a vibrant arts and cultural hub known as the: “Armory Park Arts Project.”

GRPMAX CIO and CEO Phillip A. Covington was the driving force behind a major initiative to improve the largest inner-city revitalization zone within the city of Jackson. Starting in the early 1990s Mr. Covington worked closely with the Jackson Police and Community Development Departments to reduce crime and improve living standards. He spearhead the initiative that resulted in two Resident Police Officers being placed within the area, and was instrumental in assisting the Jackson Police Department with its efforts to develop a pilot Community Policing program.

During the 1990s Jackson, MI was one of the first cities in the country to install Resident Officers (who live in a Police Department owned home/office within, and patrol, largely on foot, the targeted area). Jackson was also at the forefront in implementing its Community Policing program, which engages officers, largely on foot or on bicycle, on a much more personal basis with residents of the local community. These programs result in substantially reduced crime, improve perceptions about police officers and the role they play, and proactively prevent many of the problems that can arise if problems are only dealt with reactively.

Great city management and efforts like those above help maintain Jackson’s quaint family friendly atmosphere, numerous parks and recreation areas, and quiet tree lined streets. So much so that Jackson is a magnet for workers who commute from larger surrounding cities like Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Detroit, but prefer a town like Jackson as a place to live and raise their children.

Mr. Covington has over the years served on a number of local boards and committees.